Within the construction industry, it it very common requirement that an object needs to be encapsulated.  This can be machinery, boats, modules and unfinished buildings that are currently exposed to the elements. The damage which may be caused by adverse weather effects may incur losses which would significantly derail a project. All this can be prevented by use of a shrink wrap which provides a robust and reliable solution.

What Is Encapsulation?

Encapsulation involves covering an entire scaffolding structure or other object with shrink wrap sheeting. Heat is then applied to the product leading to a shrinking in size of 40%, also thickening at the same time. Once cooled the shrink wrap has a “drum-tight” finish around the structure or object.

Shrink wrap is very versatile and can wrap any size and shape. It is easy to weld several pieces together to create one continuous and sealed scaffold cover, proving to be the number one choice over conventional sheeting due to zero gaps in the sheeting and thus no rain or wind reaching the internal encapsulation.

This will provide dry, favourable working conditions all year round especially in the colder months as the encapsulation keeps cold winds out and keeps heat in.

Benefits Of Encapsulation

Using this method, items can be transported from one place to another by road, rail and even by water. Shrink wrap can withstand high winds and even the harshest weather conditions for a very long period of time. In the case of transportation by sea, the ship may experience bad weather non-stop, and the prevalence of salt in both the air and water may cause devastation to items being transported. Luckily, encapsulation locks out other substances from tampering with the items in question.

There is no other temporary protection that is as robust and durable as shrink wrap. 

Construction shrink wraps require reliable expertise or the sheeting will not be properly installed, leading to some problems in the near-future. It is advisable to hire an existing, trusted company to install the wrap instead of diving into the task yourself.

We highly encourage contractors and construction companies to adopt encapsulation as a method to safeguard their projects. Traditional methods such as scaffold sheeting are simple to use but are unlikely to stand the test of time.

Our Encapsulation service comes with up to a 6 month FREE warranty!