Using Shrink Wraps In Industrial Coating Projects

Industrial coatings are essential in protecting the underlying material from corrosion. The coats are intended to extend the lifetime of the underlying material to reduce the replacement costs.

Typically, the coats are applied using brushes, paint rollers and airless sprayers. Others may use complex methods such as auto-phoretic application, pinning or electro-coating. The industrial coating may also be used for several purposes.

What are the industrial coating applications?

Industrial coating is intended to provide a barrier between chemical activities and oxidation by offering a protective lining. Today, using shrink wrap for industrial coatings projects are applicable in:

  • Provision of shrink-wrap containment tents for maintenance.

  • Providing all-season outdoor workspaces.

  • Shrink wrapping equipment for relocation.

  • Shrink wrapping goods to ensure that they are received in the condition they were when they left the production line.

  • Shielding sensitive equipment from the environment.


Great West Road Shrink Wrap

Why shrink wrap?

The picture to your left is a project we completed last year on the Great West Road into London. It was one of the many extremely large advertising signs you see when entering the capital that needed to be blasted and then re coated by the contractor to recommission it back into use. EnCaPS provided a full containment system including a temporary roof that provided the perfect conditions for the entire project.

Our product will ensure your working environments are warm, dry and ideal throughout all seasonal repairs. Most importantly though, it will ensure no harmful substances leave the working area and harm anyone or anything in the area.