Marine Shrink Wrap Services & Solutions

Shrink Wrap, also known as marine industrial shrink film, is a polythene with UV inhibitors which is designed to shrink whenever it is heated to form a tight seal. The seal helps in keeping the elements of weather out of the boat while also preventing the tarping and tearing that occurs after few months of bad weather using alternative covers. For our marine services, shrink wrapping provides solutions to two problems:



Boat Storage

During winter, most boat owners prefer to have their boats stored properly. How best can you store the boat if it is not shrink-wrapped? Alternative options include cheap tarpaulins which can blow off easily leaving your boat exposed until you can find a better type of sheeting. Invest in shrink wrap to protect your asset.


Boat Transport

It is important to take additional steps to ensure that your investment is protected during transport. You should seriously consider using marine shrink wrap film to ensure that the boat is kept clean and protected from any adverse weather damages during its journey from A to B. Not only could the weather be bad, but the winds experienced from the transport vehicle on a motorway would be enough to rip most cheaper sheeting methods right off.

The predominant problem encountered with shrink-wrapped boats is that of moisture accumulation. Always remember that the polythene material used for shrink wrapping is non-permeable. Therefore, ensure that your boat is dry before you shrink wrap it.


Proper Construction of the Support Structure

For successful shrink wrapping of boats the structure itself is very important. Erecting a scaffold around the boat is the best way to ensure the boat is protected, whilst also allowing access to make repairs or re paint.