Scaffold Wrapping Materials

EnCaPS is first and foremost a Supply and Fix shrink wrap company. We do however offer for sale everything you need to start wrapping your own structures as soon as you are able. Please read below for more basic details on shrink wrap itself and the other sort of equipment needed to begin.

The Startup Kit

The start-up kit for shrink wrap scaffolding comprises of:

Shrink Wrap

The most commonly used and standardised size used in the UK for a normal shrink wrap roll is 7m width x 15m in length. There are many thicknesses referred to as 'microns', but again in scaffolding and construction the most commonly used thickness is 300micron. Most other sizes and thicknesses are used in the marine or transport industry which often require less robust protection, sometimes not even requiring flame retardancy at all. 

You can buy a wide variety of sizes, even up to 50m long x 10m width. These can be ideal for doing large scale roofs or wrapping perhaps attempting to wrap a yacht in one go. This does come with its own set of challenges though, one roll of this size you can expect to weight in excess of 300kg! This is again why the normal 7m x 15m is the most practical and usable size, weighing in at 32kg is can be manoeuvred into place by most operatives. 

Propane Gas Torch

The application of heat is needed for shrink wrap to bond and shrink properly. This is easily achieved with the use of a propane gas torch, similar to what felt roofers use. Our gun kit comes with a regulator and a 20m hose which gives an excellent reach around a project without having to move the bottle every 5 minutes when you can not go any further. 

Hot works mean that permits need to be obtained first and foremost on every site before you can begin. This permit will detail numerous health and safety requirements but to summarise you must make sure you have two fire extinguishers in the vicinity of the workplace and there must be at least a 1 hour cool-down period when the hot work ceases. 

Patch Tape

Our standard patch tape comes at 75mm width x 33m long roll in white. If you use our top quality shrink wrap it may reduce the amount of tape required, although for jobs requiring lots of sealing or snagging our standard tape is perfect. As a norm, a single roll tape roll per sheet of shrink wrap is ideal.

Ordering shrink wrap rolls

If you buy shrink wrap in a large quantity per pallet there is a discount. A 7×15 m roll is about 32 kgs in weight and each pallet contains 30 rolls which are shipped on a wooden pallet. While there is around 105m2 on every roll, once installed this is equate to around 82m2 when taking into account welds and minimal wastage. The smaller the quantity you order the more expensive will it be. 

Points to ponder

Do not fall for certain shrink wrap companies claiming to be the manufacturers as the machinery needed is gigantic and very expensive. That makes it evident that are a limited number of manufacturers of shrink wrap in the markets. Most of the suppliers are mere distributors who should have the necessary expertise regarding the product application and offer support to contractors and installation teams.


At EnCaPS we operate a transparent policy about the shrink wrap manufacturers and maintain a strong link with them. Please give us a call if you need either materials or an all inclusive supply and fix shrinkwrap service.