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7 Benefits of using Shrink Wrap on the building site in 2020!

The construction companies are under the constant pressure to deliver complete projects in the shortest possible time, especially nowadays when the whole industry is facing long delays caused by the lockdown and the global pandemic situation.

Shrink Wrap services more than ever become extremely important first of all because of their versatility, durable product and impact on reducing the project’s completion time.

Shrink Wrap installations protect the building site and allow workers to make progress despite variable weather conditions.

Why should you use a shrink wrap installation on your next project?

7 benefits of a scaffold shrink wrap:

  1. Temporary Weather Protection - shrink wrap acts as a reliable, weather-resistance barrier, prevents rain from seeping into a wall and stops build-up moisture within cavity walls

  2. Total Costs Reduction and Minimising Delays - when shrink wrap is installed around the building the interior work can be initiated prior the completion of final external cladding that can help address the problem of project overruns and associated cots

  3. Versatility - shrink wrap services can be used on all shapes and sizes structures, their usage leads to less wear and tear, the material is lightweight and can be applied fast

  4. Fire Resistance - shrink wrap material is safe and flame retardant, and can be used in all types of projects required on the construction site

  5. Environment Friendly - shrink wrap is extremely easy to remove and 100% recyclable

  6. Protection from UV Light - shrink wrap contains UV inhibitors protecting the elements of the construction project without blocking the access of the natural light to the site

  7. Professional Appearance and Public Safety - shrink wrap installations provide a neat and clean look to scaffold sites and protect the public from the side effects of all building works, what is always required in city centres or busy public areas

Shrink Wrap services are now a necessity for construction sites and provide not only protection but offer a much more professional, affordable, and smarter solution than traditional alternatives.

To discuss your project with us please send your inquiry to or call us on 01202 934 933.

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