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ENCAPS - Scaffold Shrink Wrap Specialists

Updated: May 12, 2023

Shrink Wrap provides encapsulation of scaffolding structures around buildings undergoing abrasive blasting. It traps any debris coming out of the blasting area. Thus, ensuring workers and passerby are not exposed to harm.

You can work with EnCaPS by either buying our shrink wrap films or using our experienced teams. We secure your structure from emanating dust particles. We offer an uninterrupted and tight wrap around a scaffold. Well, this protects the building and the surrounding area for the duration of the project.

We guarantee total encapsulation on site. We offer a sealing process that leaves no space between scaffolding ledgers and floors/ceilings. Besides protecting the exterior environment, we also provide containment to maintain temperature. As well as provide humidity to assist in cladding and repainting.

Phase One of our recent project in Wiltshire

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