How Does the Price of Scaffold Shrink Wrap Compare With the Price of Monarflex Sheeting?

This is one of the most asked question scaffolders and construction contractors who are contemplating scaffold shrink wrap ask us at EnCaPS. That’s why we decided to give a comprehensive explanation of all the scaffold sheet prices and factor that can affect it.

To be able to properly understand what we will be discussing throughout this article it is important to know that when we say Monarflex we mean the real deal, not the look-alike alternatives. This is really an important fact to note since we will be focusing on the difference in prices between the original Monarflex and the conventional scaffold Shrink wrap.

The prices of the Monarflex and the conventional scaffold shrink wrap are affected by many factors that usually depend on what the contractor and/or scaffolding company require. Do they want the Monarflex Super T Plus? – which is a high-grade, wind tunnel tested, flame retardant with Anchor and Tie, which is also of a higher grade, or normal non-flame Monarflex… or the conventional Scaffold shrink wrap?

All the above-mentioned products examples are made based on some certain factors like how long the contractor or scaffolder want the sheeting to stay up, the wind load you need the sheeting to withstand and most importantly how much your client is willing to pay for it.

Other factors that determine how the prices of scaffold shrink wrap compare with that of Monarflex sheeting also depends on what exactly you need the sheeting to do for you. For example, are you looking for a temporary covering? Or looking for a temporary protection for the scaffold from the harsh weather? Or full covering to protect a bridge during blasting and painting? Or just for a better appearance overall.

Important areas to consider when comparing prices

Now that we know what factors affect the price, let us now see in details the area to consider when thinking of the price comparison between the Monarflex and the conventional scaffold below.

Prices of scaffold materials


Here the first thing you need to know is that the grade of the materials is a major price determinant and in the UK there are many types of top grade materials. But from an online survey, we found out that the Monarflex Super T costs £343.43/roll while the conventional scaffold shrink wrap priced at £186/1000kg and £139 for quantity more than 1000kg/rolls. A non-flame retardant Monarflex is priced at £35 for 170g/sq metre and the Monarflex Anchor and Tie fixings were priced £95.76 for the pack with 100 ties. Although Monarflex is more cost effective since it can be re-used.


Cost of fitting the materials


Usually the cost for fitting is calculated per sq meter per man which can be up to 300m2 per man per day for Monarflex at 50 pence per square metre, taking the cost of labour to be £150 per day. But to install scaffold shrink wrap you need an expert as it is more technical than that of Monarflex and it usually cost 75 pence per square metre per man still taking £150 per day for labour. Factors like poor weather conditions and whether the scaffold is flush or not can and will affect the time it takes to complete the work.

Cost of removing a scaffold sheet


Although this is not an important factor that determines the price of the respect scaffold sheet, it is worth considering since you have to remove them by the end of the work. Scaffold shrink wrap is faster to remove than the Monarflex.

From the above comparison, we can see that the scaffold shrink wrap is more expensive than the Monarflex which can make you ask why then are many scaffolders and construction contractors using the scaffold shrink wrap?

But when we take a closer look at the both of them we see that there is really not much difference and their use is just based mostly on the preference of the various scaffolders and contractors.



Other cost factors to consider when comparing scaffold shrink wrap and Monarflex

There are also other cost factors that we at EnCaPS think should be considered when comparing scaffold shrink wrap and Monarflex, although most people tend to overlook them and we are going to take a discuss them in order to complete the bigger picture.

Cost of maintenance and repairs

Over the time which the entire project will last for, the cost of maintenance and repairs is something most scaffolder and contractors don’t consider. When scaffolding, always use the highest grade, if not you will find yourself and the team having to come back to fix damage materials. It is also very important to know that the lower price Monarflex options are far less durable than shrink wrap.

The cost of ‘Pausing’ work due to bad weather


When you use sheets that get damaged easily, the cost can be detrimental to the reputation of your company as customers will definitely be unhappy at the time you are taking to repair damaged sheets. So always go for quality instead of price in this case.

Fine and charges from environmental contamination


The scaffold shrink wrap is more efficient in providing complete protection to the environment from operations like blasting and paint especially in an industrial or large project scenarios. Monarflex sheers are overlapped but gaps will always be present.


If you are looking for a cheap alternative due to the fact the work you are doing is short-term and does not require high-grade weather level protection then the Monarflex is the suitable choice. But as we have also seen, there are also high-grade Monarflex that will give you the same result as the scaffold shrink wrap (although it might cost a little more) and always remember that shrink wrap is specifically design for extra performance, so comparing the price might not be ideal.

At EnCaps we will provide you with the best quotation for your scaffolding shrink wrap work to ensure that failure is capped right from the start.