Shrink Wrap Temporary Roofs

Health and Safety practices are increasingly becoming the most integral part of the construction industry. They are achieved by ensuring that every worker has a favourable safety and working provisions suited to the job they are doing, Method Statements and Risk Assessments are of paramount importance.

Many years ago, health and safety practices for shrink wrap operatives were very poor. Most temporary roofs did not have handrails or even boarded platforms for access, operatives were expected to wrap large roofs climbing around like monkeys with flame guns. When EnCaPS was created, the most important decision we made as one of the leading shrink wrap companies was that the industry had to change. At first, a lot of scaffold companies turned us away due to our additional requirements for handrails and extra boards on roofs!

Luckily it eventually caught on, with firms now realising you simply can not cut corners with safety.

Fire Safety

A key element for Shrink wrap installation is heat application with a propane gas torch, much like what felt roofers use. It is necessary to increase the temperature enough in the sheet itself so it 'welds' together to form one continuous sheet. It also is necessary to 'shrink' the product to achieve a drum tight finish. 

EnCaPS are one of the leading shrink wrap companies in the safety of the installation for both their operatives and the immediate working environments. All shrink wrap is certified as Flame Retardant which is extremely important in the construction industry as it helps to prevent the eventual spread of a potential fire. This is now the priority of most shrink film manufacturers to achieve certified materials.


In the wake of Grenfell, the use of Non-flame retardant cladding on the fabric of the building itself was a huge misjudgement on what should be standard requirements for fire safety. Even though our shrink wrap does not form part of the fabric of a building or object, instead wrapping around a separate structure such as scaffolding, it is important to ensure that Flame retardant materials are being used as a standard.

We source all our products from the best shrink wrap manufacturers on the market.