Shrink wrapping provides fantastic weather protection for covered scaffolds and objects against wind, rain and snow.


This is crucial for some projects that ideally need to maintain a dry and warm internal environment for the works involved. 

Encapsulation involves covering the entire structure with shrink wrap sheeting and then applying heat to produce a “drum-tight” finish. 

Unlike conventional scaffold sheeting Shrink wrap can be welded together to form one continuous, robust skin with no gaps. This means it can effectively be used to

Encapsulate any size or shape. Damage caused by adverse weather conditions may incur significant delays and losses which would drastically derail a project. All of this can be prevented by using our shrink wrap which is both strong and reliable.


Some activities in construction can be very harmful to the immediate environment if extra care is not taken.


Shrink wrapping your structure ensures that all harmful substances are kept within the structure, keeping the public and environment safe from potential hazards. 


To ensure this extra level of protection is provided beyond our encapsulation service, we can upgrade your requirements to our Containment package.

This solution involves skill and expertise to identify potential problem areas. Working together will ensure project success and prevent environmental contamination. 

Containment activities include:


  • Asbestos removal 

  • Abrasive Blasting

  • Internal and External Demolitions demolitions

  • Industrial painting

  • Dust Screening

Protection & Safety

A key element for Shrink wrap installation is the application of heat using a propane gas torch.

It is necessary to increase the temperature enough so the shrink wrap welds to itself forming one continuous sheet.


All our shrink wrap is certified as Flame Retardant which is extremely important in the construction industry as it helps to mitigate the eventual spread of a potential fire.

Making sure you use Flame retardant sheeting is essential not only for the safety of the public, residents or damage

in a fire, but quite often for insurance claims as well. 


EnCaPS has access to all types of Flame retardant materials to whatever your specification requires. 

Protect your project and help keep everyone safe by using our FR shrink wrap.