Weather Protection

We cannot control the weather, but we can take due diligence in preventing how it affects our plans and projects. Without pre planning or without a plan at all, weather delays are inevitable in the work place. Most trades require a dry environment to carry out work, and almost no materials are better installed when wet. Taking some time to plan the type of weather protection you need for your project is a very wise choice, it will save you time and money both short and long term.

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There are of course many methods to try weather proof a working environment, but of course shrink wrap is the best.

For decades, scaffolders and main contractors alike have opted for two alternative sheeting systems, both far inferior to shrink wrap sheeting. Debris netting and Monarflex type sheeting that is attached to the structure with bungees or cable ties. Some individuals may even try throwing over a large tarpaulin to an area and weigh it down. All of these methods are dated, unreliable and they most definitely do not look very appealing to the public or to site visitors.

Properties of shrink wrap

Shrink wrap is actually a very complex, scientifically engineered product made up of very specific components of plastics, adhesives and carbon. It is an exact formula that when heated, certain molecules are lost literally changing in to a newer, stronger and more rigid form. 

UV resistant elements are added into the mixture which really helps to ensure one of two things:

1. Extending the life span of your wrapped goods but way of blocking harmful UV rays that could damage certain materials, especially when exposed.

2. Also acting as a layer of protection for your workforce by blocking harmful UV rays during the warmer months of the year. That's not to say your workers do not have to worry about sunscreen! But it certainly does act as a barrier.


Benefits of using shrink wrap

For temporary weather protections, both for side sheeting and canopy roofs, shrink wrap is the most reliable and robust choice on the market. We provide up to a 6 month warranty for the product and our installation, so once it's on, no headaches or worrying about it coming off and having to pay for repairs. 

This is hugely beneficial for clients; the peace of mind that their asset is fully protected by the best form of temporary weather protection on the market today.

Setbacks experienced while using shrink wrap

More often that not, most projects are never straight forward. There may be issues with access or perhaps limitations with hot works. We are happy to meet you in advance to discuss any of your concerns and to go through the plan in how we would wrap your scaffold or object, and to highlight any potential problems that may have been overlooked, if any!

In general though, shrink wrap is a very simple process. You give us a call, we come and wrap whatever it is you need protecting, and then rest in the knowledge that your asset will be protected from the elements!

Please feel free to use our shrink wrap cost calculator below for a quick approximate price for us to wrap your project. Supplied and Fitted!