Shrink Wrap Cost: Supply and Installation

Thinking of shrink wrapping your structure but have no idea what the cost is, then look no further. EnCaPS has got you covered. Scaffolding in construction is a vital component that helps workers to reach each level of a building with ease. Shrink wrap in construction works helping with containment and of falling debris to avoid injuries to a construction worker or the general public.

With over 25 years’ experience and skills in shrink wrap installation and equip with the best talents in the industry. We guarantee our clients the best shrink wrap techniques at an affordable price to satisfy our clients all over the UK.

The cost of scaffold shrink wraps depends on a lot of factors. How much scaffolding will cost depends on the construction site? At EnCaPS, our team of installers are always on ground to visit your site to give you an accurate cost of our all in one ‘supply and fix’ service anytime, even at odd hours. Our pricing is calculated per square meter to fully fit the shrink wrap at the construction site.

Factors influencing the pricing of scaffolding

Shrink wrapping a large area in shrink wrap sheeting attracts a lower charge amount per square meter than a smaller area. This is due to the additional proficiencies and speed on working in a large space. EnCaPS considers an area of 1000 square meters as large and a 100 square meter as small. With these factors in mind, scaffolding covering of a smaller space or lesser will attract a minimum day rate fee.

Why is scaffolding necessary at a construction site?

Scaffolding is necessary on most building/constructions sites to enable a workforce to reach all areas, including around edges of roofs and other awkward positions that would be impossible without the correct access.

It also allows the workers to reach heights that would normally be difficult, thereby making the job easier, faster, and cleaner.

Type of material used in shrink-wrapping

Flame retardant shrink wrap is the stipulated wrap for all construction sites in the UK. Although there are two kinds, the EN13501 is in directions of the LPS scheme and more thorough. It is expensive to manage so using this sheet has a cost premium. The German rated DIN 4102 is also making a big hit in the industry and proving to be just as consistent in quality as its EN counterpart.

How is the work done?

Most shrink-wrap jobs are installed from a fully functional scaffolding lift and sometimes temporary partitions are set up, but in cases where we work on the exterior of the building, scaffolding is usually not erected but a forklift is used which is usually slower but we get your job done on time.

Where does scaffolding take place?

Indoor scaffolding is less expensive than outdoor spaces. EnCaPS, nonetheless, uses the same material in shrink-wrapping, a flame retardant of 300 microns thick. Indoors projects may attract a cheaper price because the sheeting is not exposed to changes in wind motions or rainy conditions.

What time do we work?

Scaffolding can take place any time of the day but night workers are usually paid extra as overtime fees.

The nature of the site is a major determinant of the cost as scaffolding. A large site like a bridge will require large machinery like a crane to get material to the site to get work started. The cost of scaffolding shrink wrap is largely dependent on the size and kind of scaffolding structure being wrapped.

The ‘signature’ shrink wrap roll is the 7-meter wide and 15 meters long is 300 microns thick and flame retardant EN13501. A roll costs £186 each for Verisafe and £160 for EnCaPS own EN rated material. Remember that each roll of scaffold shrink wraps 105 square meters which is more than enough for a perfect shrink-wrap even after all the overlaps and offcuts.

To get an accurate price quotation, we will need the accurate dimensions of your space with the scaffolding designs and drawings or book a face to face meeting with us as EnCaPS to get a more accurate measurement to make your scaffold both safe and ready for shrink wrap.