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Shrink Wrap Cost: Supply and Installation

Thinking of shrink-wrapping your structure but have no idea what the cost is? 

Look no further - ENCAPS has got you covered. 



The cost of scaffold shrink wraps depends on a lot of factors. Don’t forget though, we also wrap a number of other types of items in other industries such as the transportation, defence and marine industry. Whatever it is you need wrapped, this guide should help with what to expect when asking or receiving a shrink wrap quotation. 





















Factors influencing the pricing of Shrink Wrap



Shrink wrapping a large area attracts a lower charge amount per square meter than a smaller area. This is due to the additional efficiencies and speed on working in a large space and repeating the process multiple times. ENCAPS considers an area of above 1,000 square meters as large and around 100 square meter as small. With these factors in mind, scaffolding covering of a smaller space or lesser will attract a minimum day rate fee. A much larger job above 1,000m2 should therefore attract a more favourable price, but this can depend on other factors such as job location or total project time. 


Project location is one of the biggest considerations when pricing for scaffolding / protection coverings. You would expect a quotation to be more expensive if travel and hotels are required for operatives during the duration of work. 

ENCAPS has travelled all across the UK and Europe on some of the largest and prestigious construction sites, you can count on us for both professionalism as well as experience.



(For our up to date prices per square metre and day rate charges, please drop us a line or call us!)

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Type of material used when Shrink Wrapping



The chosen type of material will impact the price expected for a quotation. There are many thicknesses, sizes and some other colours available. Furthermore, shrink wrap can also come in flame retardant form, which again comes with several options of fire retardancy certificates available, including DIN4102, EN13501, LPS1207/15 TS62/63. This will be for you and your client to decide, but ENCAPS has access to every type of material on the market today, so whatever your decision is, we can provide. 


For more information on our flame retardant shrink wrap options, please see our page Flame Retardant Standards.



What times can we work?


Shrink wrap installation can take place any time of the day and night, plus weekends or bank holidays. However, this would of course come with additional fees which is to be expected when working abnormal working hours.


On some occasions such as on railway work, there is a short window that works can be carried out, eg. 4 hours. In this case you could also assume a higher price as total output will be lower than usual.



To get an accurate price quotation, we would require the accurate dimensions of your scaffold or item ideally with some design drawings or pictures. Or book a face to face meeting with us. The ENCAPS team will be more than happy to provide an on site measurement, also to make sure your scaffold is both safe and ready for shrink wrap.



Where to next?


Why not try our Shrink Wrap Calculator Page



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