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Shrink Wrap vs Monarflex - Which is the Better Construction Sheeting?

Shrink Wrap vs Monarflex - Which is the Better Construction Sheeting?



Alongside the cheapest option available, debris netting, monarflex and shrink wrap form the 3 staple options for contractors and scaffolders to choose from when protecting their building sites or assets.


Many factors are often considered when choosing which sheeting you should go for such as location, project duration, the overall smart appearance of a job and often most importantly, the price.


Others include:

  • What is the project duration and are you ready to fix any future damage to the wrap before the project is done?

  • What are your clients looking to see?

  • What kind of work will be going on during the construction, with that answer in mind? A wrap that will contain the elements will be the best choice.

  • How long will the sheeting last?

  • What is the price uplift for the better option?


Cost factors to remember when comparing scaffold shrink wrap and Monarflex



Although most people tend to overlook them and we are going to discuss them in order to complete the bigger picture.



1. Cost of Maintenance and Repairs


Over the time which the entire project will last for, the cost of maintenance and repairs is something too often not considered, especially on projects that are medium to long term. We have proven on previous projects that shrink wrap will last up x3 times longer than monarflex


2. The cost of ‘Pausing’ work due to bad weather


Should the monarflex fail, the cost implications for trades having to cease work or indeed the damage caused by the weather afterwards can be huge. This downtime and damage can be immeasurable but absolutely is essential when considering the success of a project.

3. Actual Costs


When comparing the two, most people just compare the price of a shrink wrap quote vs how much monarflex is to buy from a retailer. But this does not paint the full picture of true costings, which of course involve paying scaffolders to install it alongside other materials needed like bungees and wastage. Once you factor that in, even assuming you install on time without delays, the prices even out.


Shrink Wrapping a Scaffold



When a project or item is shrink-wrapped, it creates a tight seal that protects the building and workers, also passers-by from falling debris, dust and also mitigates problems from excessive moisture, especially during rainy days and winter time. Furthermore shrink wrap is UV resistant, which is a huge advantage over monarflex, helping to protect workers and assets from harmful rays.


Shrink wrap is extremely durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions without ripping or tearing like conventional covers and sheeting. This is essential in Autumn and Winter because the encapsulation provides warmth to the construction site without stopping an ongoing project.


The advantages of Monarflex are:


  • Easy to install as no training is required

  • Potential to re-use


Disadvantages of Monarflex:


  • By design, monarflex detaches much easier during storms than tight shrink-wrap installations

  • Even though there is potential to re-use, more often than not monarflex will be thrown in the skip at the end of the project

  • Project aesthetics and performance - not as durable as shrink wrap and does not offer a full containment

  • Not recyclable 

  • Weather dependant


The Advantages of Shrink Wrap:


  • Drum tight, Heat Sealed and very durable 

  • UV resistance 

  • No gaps, perfect for containments or projects involving construction

  • Flame retardant options available

  • Recyclable


Disadvantages of Shrink Wrap:


  • Slightly more expensive than monarflex

  • Weather dependant


























There will always be an occasion where it makes sense to choose a cheaper option. 9 times out of 10 though, using a heat sealed shrink wrap to cover your scaffold or asset will pay dividends in the long term. 



At ENCAPS we will provide you with the best quotation for your scaffolding shrink wrap or sheeting requirements. Please get in touch today.

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