Industrial Shrink Wrap Training

EnCaPS are proud to offer a comprehensive training package for Scaffold Shrink wrap installations, also providing ongoing support with your future projects.


Level 1 – Basic Off Site Training: 


Suitable for companies wishing to carry out their own repairs, basic shrink wrap enclosures, small boats/modules. Recommended 2 days to gain familiarity with shrink wrap techniques and different methodology. Training to be carried out at your own yard with structure built ready to be wrapped. Suggestions of this structure can be discussed beforehand.

£595 + VAT
4 hours training for up to 3 trainees
1 roll of shrink wrap, tape, use of guns and gas included

Contents of training: 

Introduction to materials and tools
Introduction to Health and Safety
Suitable material selection
Weather control/preparation
Installation training
Environmental awareness
Certificate Issued for Level 1: Basic Training

Level 2 – Intermediate Live Training: 


Suitable for small side sheeting jobs around houses, containment projects, blasting tents and small temporary roofs. Recommended 3 days to gain familiarity with shrink wrap techniques and different methodology. Training to be carried out live on site, assisting with more detailed Health and Safety aspects of shrink wrap and Scaffold Optimisation.

£695 + VAT
8 hours training for up to 3 trainees

Level 1: Basic Training methodology Incorporated
No materials included

Certificate Level 2: Intermediate Training - Issued to Trainees with 3 or more days Live Training



Level 3 – Advanced Live Training: 


Suitable for companies tackling larger jobs that need specialist experience such as large temporary roofs and large scale containment projects. Essentially we will assist in any project you have making sure the project goes as smoothly as possible, drawing upon our previous experience to optimise your scaffold structure alongside the training processes. 

Recommended: On Going

£695 + VAT
8 hours on site Assistance and Guidance
No materials included

Certificate Level 3: Advanced Training - Issued to Trainees with 6 or more days Live Advanced Training on various project types

On Going Project & Contractor Support

Every project has an element of uniqueness behind it, whether that bean unusual shape; location or client expectations. We can provide support to you to help optimise your Scaffold for the best results.

Some examples of advise we can offer: 

Roof installation can be complicated due to the unknown upward wind directions/wind traps – Span limitations and capabilities can be advised as well as HOW to set out your Scaffold ready for an installation.

Large installs require careful thought in planning how to Shrink Wrap the structure to maximise the ‘life expectancy’ of the sheeting. We have tried and tested for many years the absolute best methods to install all project types and sizes.


Suitable Pricing structures for your projects/quote building

£445 + VAT

4 hours assistance offering advice and best scaffold optimisation tips for your project on Site