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Scaffold Sheeting Near Me

Looking for a proper long-term solution for your scaffold sheeting requirements?

Look no further as we can provide the absolute best and most reliable choice on the market today.

Shrink wrap is an engineered type of polyethylene plastic which when heat is applied, shrinks by roughly 30% in size meaning your scaffold or objects will be covered in a drum-tight, thick and tough sheeting which has a very high resistance to punctures, tears and weather resistance.

Unlike other types of scaffold covering or sheeting, shrink wrap is 100% recyclable with the potential to last x3 or longer than other types of conventional scaffold sheeting. This saves thousands of tonnes of plastic waste ending up in the landfill each year, which helps the environment massively thus also reducing both our and your carbon footprint on business activities.

When considering our shrink wrap for your scaffold sheeting requirements, you may think you may need to search for an installation supplier ‘near me’. This is a very common way of thinking as nearly all trades such as plumbers, electricians and builders will always work within a certain area or County.

However, as scaffold covering / sheeting is such a niche product, this service is quite often Nationwide. This obviously means that when you find ENCAPS on your search engine, you should not worry about where we are based should you find your location is far away.

ENCAPS are shrink wrap specialists, providing both supply & fix services all across the UK, even sometimes into mainland Europe.

If you have found us and have any shrink wrap, sheeting or covering requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for a free no obligation quote. We can tailor each and every project to your needs, including small local jobs or up to the largest shrink-wrap project ever installed in London (by us!).

We offer flame retardant and non-flame retardant options should you need them, which can be important when it comes to residential projects or buildings with live activities happening within. If you are interested in learning more about fire safety, please visit our page on

We would also love to invite you to read our Shrinkwrap costs page:

Or if you would like to know a rough price for your project, you will find our calculator page very useful indeed!

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