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The Best Scaffold Covering to Stop Dust & Debris

If your projects involves construction or any type of trade which involves multiple tools, painting, grinding or general building works, the type of covering for your scaffold is going to be an important decision to make.

Health and safety for not only your own workforce and the immediate environment, but most importantly for the public. All it takes is for one tile, fitting or piece of wood to drop from a working lift, hit someone below and that will spell absolute disaster. Depending on the injury sustained, the consequences could lead to both substantial civil claims or even a jail sentence.

Why take this risk, when the solution is so obvious and easy?

We’ll quickly explore your options below!

Shrink Wrap

ENCAPS Verdict - *****

  • Very strong

  • No gaps

  • High impact and tear resistance

  • UV protection

  • Flame retardant option

  • Long life expectancy

  • Comes with up to 6 month warranty

These are just some of the benefits of choosing shrink wrap as your first choice for scaffold covering. Having no gaps is the key advantage over other types of coverings, meaning should any loose debris or dust fall loose of the working area, there will be no chance of it escaping through holes or gaps in the external sheeting. This advantage is unique to shrink wrap, one of many

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Alternatively try our shrink wrap CALCULATOR

Debris Netting

ENCAPS verdict - **

Coming in at the cheapest option, for a reason. Debris netting was one of the first types of scaffold covering on the market, due to its cheap price and easy installation requiring no skills to install. It is secured most commonly with cables ties.

The problem with debris netting is lifespan and weakness. In only a few weeks holes / tears begin to appear on your scaffold sheeting. This is not ideal for a project with any timeline of over a few weeks.

On a budget, this can sometimes be a good option for very short term projects. However, due to its flimsy weak nature, this will not be adequate enough to keep dust and debris within your working areas. There will be gaps and dust will simply float straight out of the small holes which make up the woven fabric of the membrane.

Not ideal for health and safety!


ENCAPS Verdict - ***

Monarflex comes in lots of different types, grades, quality and thicknesses. This can sometimes be confusing for customers to know what it is they will be getting for the price they have been given. Unfortunately if they are provided with standard poor quality monarflex, the story is very similar to debris netting:

A scaffold covering that will not last very long, offers poor weather protection for your workforce and again, most importantly, does not ensure dust or debris will stay inside the working areas. Not very good for the public or indeed reducing your risk of costly legal fees and criminal charges.

Thanks for reading, we hope this has shone some light on clearly the best scaffold covering available on the market today. In fact, the best covering in general not just for scaffold, but also for the marine and transportation industry, aircraft, modular and more.

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