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The Biggest Shrink Wrap Project!

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

A nice sunny day yesterday to finally take pictures of this monster!

Here we have Victoria Halls in Wembley: Initially a re-clad project but now a complete refurbishment including windows and internal fit out undertaken by Collins Construction Ltd.

Following closely behind GKR Scaffolding Ltd we managed to get this project completed progressively over a 3 month period from November to the end of February. These Wintery months were a huge challenge, especially given the scale and height of the building.

Additionally the West of the building backed onto a busy community school playground, and the North right onto Wembley Park railway lines: so safety was paramount.

Our largest project to date, totalling 11,000m2 of shrink wrap combining side sheeting with what seemed like an endless run of complex, curved, descending temporary roofs and tunnels to the entire scaffold. We also installed x 6 custom made PVC banners for Collins and GKR on the East, South and West Elevations.

This is the biggest shrink wrap project I've ever seen for one single freestanding building. A huge success for the ENCAPS team.

Many thanks to GKR Scaffolding Ltd for the opportunity, we look forward to working alongside you again in the future.

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